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  • Fotografo d'interni hotel,resort,case vacanza,b&b,yacht e imbarcazioni di lusso,strutture ricettive e commerciali

    INTERIOR SHOTS ... THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE !!! WATCH MY WORKS La regina del Duomo Casa vacanza a Catania Ristrutturazione Arch. A.Polisano Casa vacanza Catania DÉCO clap Arch. S. Vivirito Hotel Villa Paradiso Hotel in Taormina Arch.A.Polisano Progetto casa vacanza a Catania 3S Illuminazione Interior lighting 3S ILLUMINAZIONE Arch. G. Indelicato Interior Luxury House Arch.A.Polisano Room In Siracusa VIRGIN ACTIVE Catania DÉCO twix Ing. Pietro Ricco RIZZOTTI DESIGN & LAGOSTORE Interior Design for ACCOR MERCURE HOTEL SIRACUSA Hotel in Syracuse Rizzotti design Installazione Siracusa Showroom Rizzotti Design DÉCO Ing. P. Ricco 3S ILLUMINAZIONE Arch. D. Spitaleri DÉCO Ing. P. Ricco DÉCO La casa di melo in Sicily 3S ILLUMINAZIONE Interior lights La casa di Denda Luxury apartment in Sicily Villa Praiola Holiday house in Sicily Nel cuore di Catania Holiday house Architecture Magazine Arch. Anna Polisano La casa sull'albero Parco delle Madonie PALERMO Casa Vacanza a Catania Interior House E&V HOME in Noto (Sicily) Holiday house Distillerie Russo ADV Holiday House in Catania Editorial for I love Sicilia Italy B&B Piedimonte ACCOR MERCURE HOTEL SIRACUSA Hotel in syracuse Luxury House Catania 3S ILLUMINAZIONE CENTRI SPORTIVI ACICASTELLO Casa Vacanza nel cuore di Catania Room in Syracuse AGENZIA E&V Villa Catania Privata LOFT E&V Show Room Milano Holiday house Sicily Holiday House in Ortigia Sicily Holiday House in Ortigia Room in Town Airbnb Garsonièr in Ortigia Syracuse Ristrutturazione Arch.Abbadessa Interior Design Arch. S. Adragna Agenzia Immobiliare Diamante casa Real estate Ristrutturazione Arch.Polisano Etna Sicilia B&B IDREAM Catania Ognina I Puritani b&b My Sicily Pub Studio C. Studio professionale a Catania B&B Corte Dei Medici Hotel in Catania Pizzeria Corte dei Medici professional photographer

  • Contatti | Catania | Sicilia | AGphotostudios

    CONTACTS AGphotoStudios Alessandro Gruttadauria ​ Via Gabriele D'Annunzio 65A Cell 345 6341380 Tel 095 16943550 ​ Request a quote First name Last name E-mail Phone Write your message here... Service requested arrow&v Type of photography service arrow&v Type of video service arrow&v Indicative expenditure budget arrow&v Send Your form has been sent!

  • Fotografo Professionale Catania | AGPhotoStudios

    Interior photographic services, portraits and corporate advertising PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER AGPhotoStudios by Alessandro Gruttadauria Professional photographer Specialized in interior photography , portraits and advertising for companies Professional photography makes the difference! This is the real strength to give value and emphasize your spaces, whether they are resorts, hotels, b & bs, tourist accommodation facilities, apartments or villas, yachts and luxury boats. Valuing, not photographing Biography Today everyone is good at taking beautiful photographs, you just need a car camera or a latest generation smartphone. Maybe yes, if maybe you want to be one of the many, but if you are looking for exciting images, then you have to rely on a professional, who knows how to manage technical aspects, who knows how to read the light in the right way and the best shots to ENHANCE and NOT TO PHOTOGRAPH your facility. AGPhotoStudios means attention to your specific needs, your space, your style They say about me Interior Who are our potential customers Hotels, resorts, b & bs, agritourisms, restaurants, accommodation facilities in the tourism sector. ​ Architects, designers, interior decorators. ​ Individuals or agencies for publications in magazines of their homes or villas. ​ Shop owners or businesses who want to show off their style. ​ Owners of yachts and luxury boats Diletta Leotta per Zefiro fotografia pubblicitaria Diletta Leotta per Zefiro fotografia pubblicitaria locali fotografia ristoranti Diletta Leotta per Zefiro fotografia pubblicitaria 1/101 Your space deserves a professional image HAPPINESS IS NOT A PLACE TO GET TO, BUT A HOME TO COME BACK TO Look my works Commercial photos Portraits Play Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Request a quote

  • Fotografia d'Interni a Catania | AGPhotoStudios

    INTERIOR PHOTOGRAPHY What to expect from an interior photographer Interior photography makes the most of your facility with professional shots. I am Alessandro Gruttadauria and I will help you to make the rooms of your structure paying attention to your needs and your style. I will tell the story of your business to the millions of people who surf the internet. I love my job and I do it with passion. Interior photos don't have to be simple photography, but it must create emotion , it must be a series of captivating images that tell the prestige and value of your spaces. We tell the story of your spaces with our interior photos I work alone or with a team of lighting assistant and video maker if you need a complete service and commit many hours of work. I am expert in using both ambient light and artificial light during the shooting phase, to make the images of your space come alive, which are not flat but which have a soul and which create emotions for the viewer. In Catania , the city where I live, I am considered one of the most renowned interior photographers . I have equipment and technological instruments to be able to see the shots in real time. In fact, with the help of an iPad and laptop, I can notice small details that it would be difficult to see in the car, such as the arrangement of objects inside the room (books, chairs, furniture, etc ...) . This makes the difference between professional and amateur interior photography. Discover my works Interior photos, because the equipment is essential I work with highly professional cameras and optics. Decentrable and tilting lenses to obtain straight images and perfect framing already in the shooting phase. This allows me to work really precisely and scrupulously. Your location on the day of the shooting will turn into a set, she will be the protagonist and the main actress. I usually always do an inspection before going to shoot an internal or external space, to understand the general conditions of the structure and what is the best time of the day to be able to shoot during the shooting. Usually a day is enough to photograph a space, but there are cases in which I also need two days if it is very large structures. Interior photography post production, why is it important? Post production is a very important phase in order to give light and emphasis to the images and make them even more captivating. I am an expert in post production, photo retouching and color correction. Post production includes, blemish removal, lighting adjustments, exposure blending, color correction, perspective adjustments, blemish retouching, and final adjustment. The creation of the images between interior and exterior will be delivered in high resolution . Go to the portfolio Request a quote AGPhotoStudios means attention to your specific needs, your space, your style Hai bisogno di un video professionale per la tua struttura? Contatta Salvo Gravina, videomaker professionale di Catania Scopri di più sul servizio video